Friday, August 19, 2011

Good afternoon.



Morrissey t-shirt - Wet Seal
skirt - thrifted
white keds - thrifted
bag - thrifted
necklace - Forever 21


Ninja post today. ALREADY, I am wearing that stupid skirt that was lost for eternity in my closet AGAIN after not wearing it for 20+ years. Oh well though. Same with the Keds. And those things are majorly falling apart, so I've decided I need to paint them. But that would sooorrt of make me feel bad, because they're really ~cool~ and ~leather~ and yeah. But at the same time all the white stuff is falling off and getting on my skin and NOT COMING OFF.

I felt like a cheerleader in this. Probably because I secretly am. The restaurant pictured above is the Blue Rose, which is actually a pretty hip hop happenin' joint. I wore this to dinner there.

The little blonde curly girl in the second picture with the super fashionista boots is my little sister Sophia, by the way.

K this concludes ninja post I gotta go bye.


tell me about it, stud.