Saturday, June 5, 2010

when i was young i was a star amongst zeros

get your dancing shoes on because i have a present for you ALL:
an embed element doused in delightful jams coated in sugary insane alcohol infused indie underground parties and synthesizers and computers packed with illegally downloaded music mixers!
you all should appreciate that.

okay, f'real, i made a little playlist of some nice indie electro next level beats for you all to feast your ears on. i can't help it, i live with dj's. which is really awesome, because i have access to some flippin' sweet music, i never have to listen to the same thing. that is, unless it's one of those songs you put on repeat just because you can't help yourself.

these are some songs that my mom and i play in the car with the windows down and turn up really loud so everyone can hear us from a mile radius. my mom is cooler than yours.

have fun with this, get on your dancing shoes, and dance to this. because i sho nuff did while making this.

right on!
as for now i'm currently in the process of putting together another mood/picture board, which i hope to post soon. we'll see how this go. i'm in the midst of moving, however i'm not putting anything on delay, any more!

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  1. ooh, cheers! I love remixes and stuff, so I'll have to check it out haha :)

    It must be so cool living with djs, too!



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