Friday, June 11, 2010

didn't want it, didn't need it, but we knew that we could steal it.





shirt and necklace - forever 21
shorts - express
fedora - vintage
clunky 90's boots - thrifted

hmm, yesterday. i actually through this together without even knowing what i was throwing on. but then i was delighted to see that my slapdash blind dressing turned out to be pretty nice.
i went and had lunch outside with my mom and my little brother. i ACTUALLY ATE A SALAD AND HAD AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WATER, i honestly don't know what's gotten into me. i just all of the sudden feel like eating healthy. i even turned down macaroni and cheese, my one and only weakness in this world, and i just don't know how i did it. insanity. pure insanity!

but yeah! i also have something UBER COOL to tell you guys, tomorrow morning at a ripe and early 4 AM i will be taking off to sandusky ohio to cedar point! hell yeah! for those of you who aren't familiar with the glory and enchantment of cedar point, it is an amusement park that holds the record for the most roller coasters in a single park, and is named "the roller coaster capital of the world". basically, it is the best place on this planet. i know i say that a lot, but i mean this truthfully an honestly, i have never been to a better place. me being the huge roller coaster fanatic that i am, it's basically heaven.
i've been once before, exactly a year ago with my friend olivia. this time i'll be going with jerakah! i cannot wait to go back.

so i will be gone from tulsa from saturday, june 11th, to saturday, june 19th.
here's a list of AWESOME stuff i will be missing while i'm out of town:
-- the tulsa blogger/twitterer meetup
-- tokyo in tulsa, a japanese culture convention
-- the secret handshake at the marquee
-- cheap wednesday burgers at mcnellies (my favorite weekly ritual)
-- and probably MORE glorious things that i don't even want to talk about right now because it would make me sad. but really, the best things to happen in my city and i'll be in sandusky?! i mean, i'll be soaring 420 feet going from 0 to 120 miles at a 90 degree angle on the top thrill dragster, but still! ugh, the pain. but oh well, there will be another blogger meetup, the secret handshake always comes back in town, there's always the wednesday after next, and yadda yadda. BUT THE TOKYO IN TULSA THING I'M REALLY UPSET ABOUT.

anyways, yeah! i don't know if i will have internet access or not at my hotel, but if i do i will most definitely be updating as much as possible. if not, i will see you guys next saturday!

oh, but i got fantastic new shoes the other day and i'm also dyeing my hair turquoise today, so i may just have to show off for you guys later on today.

i spent a lot of yesterday cleaning my room (which i will also have to show off. i love my room, it's like my baby.) and during which i listened to almost ALL of the modest mouse discography, so i'm in a very modest mouse mood now and they're almost all i wanna listen to now. so let me share with you JUST A COUPLE favorites:

i love modest mouse. i love them good.

until later, toodles!


  1. This outfit is fierce and I am loving it.

    Haha, we are definitely soul sisters. We both have space-y layouts now. I love you and miss you hot mama!

  2. cool outfit, love the jewlery! those seem li,ke awsome lans, i love rollercoasters too, i went last to the park in my city, was pretty cool,
    i think your comming back today,hope you had fun and a lot of adrenaline rushing !
    xx, zaia

  3. ahhh love this outfit, esp the top!


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