Sunday, June 6, 2010

the dead weather :: sea of cowards // gogol bordello :: trans-continental hustle

yes! so today i FINALLY got around to listening to two albums that were recently released that i've been wanting a chance to sit down and listen to for a LONG time. so i've come to give my "review" over the 2 albums.

let's start off with the dead weather.
damn, i love them. ever since i saw them on jimmy fallon performing treat me like your mother in august of last year, i've been a pretty big fan of them. i love most of jack white's acts, plus there was this REALLY hot chick up front from that awesome band the kills. basically, i knew that this was definitely a supergroup to love.
horehound was a really, really awesome album. i was expecting nothing less from them whenever i sat down to listen to this.
the first track, "blue blood blues", was a very good kickoff to the album. mainly consisting of jack white's vocals, it was nice to hear that familiar gut-wrenching, rough guitar. i was already into it. about thirty second into the song i was nodding along. good stuff. there wasn't much of a climax to their opening song, i hadn't felt like i had quite broken into the record yet. but, so far, so good.
and here we get into the rock and roll with the next track, hustle and cuss. there goes allison mosshart's grungy vocals, groaning and creaking through the song. satisfactory. a little more low-key in terms of the hyphy-o-meter (y'know, when you get that feeling when you wanna do some serious hair swinging, and flail around and totally mesh into the music? yeah, that kind of feeling. i got that a lot with horehound.), however really good nonetheless. i started getting into the feel of the album, which i perceived to be a little more on the down-low, not as screamy kind of crazyness like in the song "bone house" on their first album.
and then "the difference between us" started. it kind of confused me. it's probably my least favorite song on the record. i wasn't to impressed.
"i'm mad" was a little interesting to listen to, with more narrative vocals from alison mosshart and her cackling/scary laugh thing was a trip. but still a good track none the less.
"die by the drop" and "i can't hear you" were two good, down and dirty, nitty gritty tracks that are definitely pleasing to the ears following their first album. what you'd expect from them, something really, really good.
"gasoline" and "no horse" were two tracks that i recognized instantly from their show that sarah and i went to back in april. those are two good favorites. on "gasoline" alison's ferocious, growling, ear-piercing shouts worked perfectly for the track. the same goes for "no horse", amazing guitar, and alison's vocals just complete the song entirely.
"looking at the invisible man" is sadly one of about two songs in which both jack and alison are singing simultaneously. in my opinion, jack's and alison's voices are absolutely perfect together. like, they were completely created to vocalize together. it's beyond perfect. like, OW. yeah.
"jawbreaker"! my favorite track off the record. really. just listen to this live version. i definitely have this on repeat.

and then "old mary", sung by jack white.

...and then...
"that was it?"
the album only ran 35 minutes. hm. 15 minutes shorter than horehound. i was a little taken aback. i was definitely expecting more, but more as in quantity. each song lasts about two and a half minutes to three and a half minutes. i mean, i'm quality over quantity all the way, but when it came to a stop so suddenly, i guess i was just a bit disappointed. i wanted more, i didn't want it to be over quite yet.
so, in summation, good album? yes. better than horehound? i don't know if i would say so. i don't know, maybe it'll take a few more listens before i fully adjust to it, but i still dig their sound, which hasn't changed at all, not a bit.
but i like sea of cowards. i like it a lot. i'm very happy with it.

now, gogol bordello, trans-continental hustle!
for some reason it took me way too long to get this album. i do love me some gogol, after falling in love with the song "start wearing purple" off their album (which i regard as one of the best) underdog world strike, i was smitten with them for some time. then seeing them at d-fest 2009 confirmed my love for them. perched on a friend's shoulders,  i had quite the time of my life. (I'M PRAYING THAT I CAN SEE THEM WITH PRIMUS IN AUGUST IN KANSAS CITY)
i won't be going over this album as i did with sea of cowards.
what i can say about this album that it's the same feel, the same vibe, the same jive, the same sound that gogol bordello has always had; but something about this album is just a bit different. i can't quite put my finger on it, if something is missing, or maybe they sound a little more polished than in albums passed. whatever it is, i still hold the belief that trans-continental hustle is a really, really good album. whilst it lacks more hardcore "punky" riffs in some songs, it's gogol bordello nonetheless, and they've produced an album with several tracks that are well deserving to be put on the gogol elite song list. this isn't one to pass up.

p.s.: my blog will be a lot less music infested soon, i promise. XD more fashion, sydne! fashion blog! get it right!

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