Tuesday, June 22, 2010


i've been missing out. here i am, though! yay!

so since i have this random post with my bloglovin link, i feel compelled to add some music too so i don't bore anyone to death.
i didn't realize until now that i had done my blog a major disservice.
there is not a single flaming lips song on my blog.
i mean, surely there are songs on my flawed song of the day list i gave up on, but i've never really posted any of the flaming lip's stuff before! what the hell, sydne?! your blog is named after one of their albums! *facepalm*

without any further ado, i present to you one of my favorite songs off of their album transmissions from the satellite heart. a song i would sing along with my dad as a 6-year-old girl dressed in a yoda t-shirt and a skirt. good times.
the flaming lips certainly played a huge roll in my early childhood and they continue on in my later childhood today. does that make any sense? later childhood today? because i'm by no means anything more than a child, so...
i give up. my language is off this morning.
anyway. the first time i officially saw the flaming lips i was seven years old, in first grade. it was during their yoshimi battles the pink robots tour, they played in oklahoma city. i'm pretty sure i had the time of my LIFE, because i had never screamed their lyrics off while perched on my dad's shoulders ever so loud before. balloons, lights, the sound, the crowd, the amazing energy in the arena, it was all so much to taken. if you've ever been to a lips show, you'll know that it is QUITE an experience. their shows always move me to tears, be it their almost overwhelming energy or their songs that hold so much sentimental value in my heart. after the show we stayed until the crowd filtered out and the lips were packing equipment and hauling things out. we stood in front of the stage and yelled out for steven drozd, the guitarist of the lips, but he didn't seem to hear us. then wayne coyne, the frontman and founder of the flaming lips, emerged from the backstage and we called his name. he came to us and my dad introduced to wayne. after he asked me how old i was, i remember coyly responding with "...seven..." (i was a little starstruck. duh. a 7 year-old girl meeting the most influential musician in her life?), he was elated and said that he saw me singing along to every song knowing every lyric and he thought it was superb. i can't remember much else, except that when we got back to the car i realized that one of my life goals is complete and the radio was playing the flaming lips as we climbed in.
so i felt pretty special.
anyway that's my account of my first flaming lips show.


  1. I haven't got the hang of bloglovin' yet, but I'm determined use it more often hahah :)

    and I love flaming lips too :)



  2. Hey cool blog!
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  3. Hey you jerk.
    It's Brenna.
    Your absence in my life makes me cry.
    Where's your phone?
    I sound like a stalker.
    *explodes forever*

    I feel like I had to tell you something really, really important.

    Oh yeah.
    Why the fuck did Carl cut his magnificent beautiful hair off?


  4. Just came across your blog! It is lovely!


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  6. your taste of music is pretty amazing! xxx


  7. cool song !!

    xoxo, bia.


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