Saturday, May 22, 2010

oh my goodness waaahhh!

O LAWD, you guys! it's been what, like ten days?!
okay, okay. let me get my list of pathetic excuses together. ahem, here we go:

  1. end of school! exams, pretty much everything, what have you. lots of crazyness happening with school. onward.
  2. events! seeing family! all kinds of stuff has been happening lately. storms which have been destroying homes and taking lives and little sister's ballet recitals have definitely been a time kill.
  3. i'm lazy!
so let's get back into gear with a TOTALLY unneeded life update through pictures!
recently there were a crapton of art festivals in my town located in the downtown area, and it was an awesome time. a lot of starving artists and crafts people sell their work. i scored a skull necklace, siouxsie sioux bottlecap earrings (which i DIED for) and a friggin' awesome zombie t-shirt!
i also got my face painted in an odd fashion that attracted a surprising amount of attention. a total of 7 people stopped and asked for a picture with me or of me. lolohkay.
i told her what i wanted and she did a fantastic job. YES I AM WEARING THAT DRESS AGAIN DO NOT GIVE ME CRAP IT'S COMFY.
my new earrings are definitely the best thing to happen to the world.

and this cute skull necklace is pretty awesome too.

i also recently went to a civil war battlefield allllllllllll the way in missouri and got some pretty cool shots.

look, creepy surgical tools! :D
and now look at this totally incognito picture of me all up in the ~zone~ with my life escentuals; red diamond tea, my uber awesome duct-taped (because i rock out too hard) headphones, mai 120 gig irpod, hello kitty bag, paper and a certain kind of pen (i'm picky about my ink flow.) and totally faded-out haircolour.

as for tonight, it's the school formal. yess, uahaha. girls are making an unnecessarily big deal out of it. i designed my own dress for the occasion which i have worked so dilligantly on. maybe later i will post a bit of a preview before i take off. i really can't wait to show off the pictures. i'm going with my best friend chase, who took me to the first official "dance" i ever attended, and yadda yadda. anyway, we're good friends. whatever. hopefully it will be a good time. i cheated and submitted 11 music recommendation lists instead of one and each had REALLY good music on it. so hopefully mine stuck out of all the radio fodder music all the other kids selected and they'll play some of my tunes.
right now i have pink dye in my hair which i was supposed to rinse out like fifteen minutes ago.
i can't leave you guys without some music! no one will probably care, but i've created a youtube account in which i will upload ALL of my concert footage to and will create playlists with to share with you all. so subscribe if you also have a youtube account and wanna listen to whatever playlists i decide to build up on there. currently i'm working on an indie electro/dance rock playlist with the help of my mom's boyfriend who is a dj himself. so right on. um. internet awkwardness...
eventually it'll be less dead-tree infested. [[[LIES!]]]
okay then, i'll blog later. i have even MOAR crap to do which completely cuts into my interwebz life. damn!


  1. Haha, this post is so cool :) love your face paint! I'll go have a nosey at yr Youtube posts now, too :)

  2. i love your headphones!! have fun at the formal!

  3. have a new fan


  4. I love those siouxsie sioux earrings!!!


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