Sunday, May 9, 2010

milos fare.

yesterday evening, may ninth, was milos fare at the marquee.


yep, that's sarah from her lovely blog bad penny!

i wasn't even aware of who milos fare was before i found sarah's blog via lookbook. though i am pretty in the know when it comes to the local music and art scene i hadn't heard of them before, and i was surprised to know they had opened for the plain white t's and conquered the main cain's ballroom stage TWICE. i know plenty of bands that have maybe gotten lucky enough to play the crystal pistol, the next door neighbor to the legendary cain's ballroom, but not too close to playing the main stage. i checked them out, and i'm extremely glad i did.
when i ran in just 2 minutes before they began playing with my gangsta friend brenna, i was a little disheartened to see that there was a no-crowd crowd. maybe thirty five people at best in the intimate setting that is the marquee. i was thinking there'd be at least a little more crowd, but to my surprise, no. the venue seemed to fill up with silence between songs, which i gladly filled with an "i love you sarah." that was responded with a "i love you sydne." right back.
sarah has got PIPES. not kidding. you wouldn't expect such a strong, ground-shaking rock and roll voice coming from such a teeny tiny girl. it's kind of a surprise when you hear her belt out these solid vocals come straight from this girl. she's definitely talented, has some awesome stage presence with her very allison mosshart-like persona, and i was thoroughly impressed with her and the entire band's performance. her voice kind of reminds me of hayley william's of paramore.
they opened with their song "wallflower" (which is currently up on their myspace right here, give it a listen!) and the head bobbing began. the guitar was awesome, with a good hearty solo right in the middle of most songs, just as rock and roll is. they had some good sound going. if you see milos fare, you'll be surprised, seeing this band of highschool kids going up there and performing as naturally as if they've been performing for years.
but, their bassist did give me a little bit of a puzzled look as i got on the floor up close to the stage and got in my photographer mode to take pictures, but i'm not surprised seeing as the lack of a mushy crowd in front of the stage.
right in the center of the crowd was a particularly cute dressed girl whom i recognized from sarah's blog whom sarah introduced me to, ashley. i also met sarah's mother and father. :)
time for awesome outfit pictures! whoo!
sarah and ashley!
and now time for some totally awkward shots of sarah and i!
we were kind of having a conversation during these pictures. of course, as everyone knows, i'm a terrible model and i seem to never know what to do with my hands. so i made fun of myself the whole time. lots of laughing and legitimate smiles here. i addooorrreee sarah.
"this is how we make out!" - sarah
as for my outfit:
dress - mother's maternity dress (ha! two maternity dresses in a week! i'm not pregnant. XD)
belt - forever 21
socks - i'm pretty sure they're my mom's
shoes - thrifted (the shoes i always wear)
cardigan - forever 21 (i live in this cardigan)
necklace - forever 21
in conclusion, whenever you don't know what to do with your hands, pretend you're a monster.

woah, super huge post!

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  1. Great look you're so rock girls i love it!!!!


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