Thursday, May 6, 2010

and if you promise to stay conscious i'll try to do the same

i know you have a heavy heart
i can feel it when we kiss
and many men stronger than me
have thrown their backs out trying to lift it

dress - mum's old maternity dress.
belt - forever 21
these shoes.

i found this on the ground at my school today.
note the grammatical errors.
"immaturity never lasts, it will soon be everyone's past. have fun while you're young and don't grow up too fast."


  1. I love your maternity dress, its looks gorgeous on you :)

    I hardly ever listen to the songs people post on thier blogs, because its usually stuff I hate, but i decided to listen to this one, and oh my, I now love this song.

  2. You and your mum's maternity dresses. They're so freaking hip. I love you. Your new hair looks great and i love this outfit.


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