Thursday, April 1, 2010


you'll have to forgive for the blurry pictures, it was already dark outside and the lighting in my apartment is pretty terrible.
Photobucket Photobucket
shirt - self made
shorts, ring, necklace, flower, bracelets - forever 21
tights - couldn't remember for my life
shoes - thrifted
tonight was dinner in celebration and recognition of my grandfather's departure from this world that was 4 years ago. he was the most lovely man i had ever known.
we love ya, poppie.
it was a delightful dinner, and i am retardedly stuffed.
also, i must mention how proud i am of my eye makeup today.
i really like it. can you spot my freckles? XD
AND PLZ IGNORE THE SHINE. >.> it has been a long day.
and this was after about 13 hours of wear, mind you.
i really love my givenchy mascara. have i already said that? :)

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