Thursday, April 1, 2010

song of the day DUMP!

here is a HUGE DUMP of songs. not just ANY songs, but songs of the day.
february 18th - dashboard by modest mouse
february 19th - tame by the pixies
february 20th - bizarre love triangle by new order
february 21st - interesting drug - morrissey
february 22nd - red stars by the birthday massacre
february 23rd - i love you by esser
february 24th - wanderlust king by gogol bordello
february 25th - about a girl (unplugged live) by nirvana
february 26th - fluffy by ween
february 27th - i believe in symmetry by bright eyes
february 28th - poster of a girl by metric
march 1st - reckless burning by jesse sykes and the sweet hereafter
march 2nd - endlessly by muse
march 3rd - landlocked blues by bright eyes
march 4th - mirror people by love and rockets
march 5th - middle of nowhere by hot hot heat
march 6th - ding dang by les claypool
march 7th - across the universe by fiona apple
march 8th - i'm only sleeping by the beatles
march 9th - tiptoe by goldfrapp
march 10th - onion by the heartless bastards.
march 11th - clint eastwood by the gorillaz
march 12th - out of this world by the cure
march 13th - pass the mic by the beastie boys
march 14th - good morning mr. magpie (morning m'lord) by radiohead
march 15th - irish drinking song by flogging molly
march 16th - give up the ghost by thom yorke
march 17th - motion picture soundtrack (radiohead cover) by the vitamin string quartet
march 18th - her majesty by the beatles
march 19th - comfortably numb by pink floyd
march 20th - youthless by beck
march 21st - women we haven't met yet by minus the bear
march 22nd - marching bands of manhattan by death cab for cutie
march 23rd - fire it up by modest mouse
march 24th - phantom limb by the shins
march 25th - great high mountain by jack white
march 26th - false ending by yo la tengo
march 27th - and i was a boy from school by hot chip
march 28th - scatterbrain by radiohead
march 29th - the needle has landed by neko case
march 30th - the district sleeps alone tonight by the postal service
march 31st - strawberry fields forever by the beatles

AND today, april first, has the song i am trying to break your heart by wilco laid upon it.

okay, okay. now i need some opinions about my song of the day list. i would like to know your opinion on it, if you enjoy it, yada yada. basically, just write me about it telling what you think, whether i should continue to post it or not, or just tell me anything about it. it would help me out a lot. :)

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