Saturday, April 24, 2010

answerin' the asks and deliverin' what's up.

I saw you at Booker t. Maybe? You're Ivy's friend...kinda been creepin' on your blog since i saw you on lookbook so..haha:) - anonymous

bingo right on! you got it, anon.

you are so cute. - anonymous

zomg. arigato. :D

ask me crap or whatever! ---->
anyways, last night was les claypool, and at the moment i'm doing some SERIOUS INTERWEBZ BLOGGING MANIA crap, which consists of:

  • uploading 2 youtube videos at the same time
  • photo retouching
  • blogging
  • and all kinds of other stuff that makes me sound important.
so beware because i'm about to dump a LOT of stuff onto this page. right on!

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