Saturday, April 3, 2010

the 138th annual miyako odori, 2010

as everyone probably now knows, i am an avid japanese culture/geisha enthusiast, and i am here today to announce to you all that just a few days ago on the first of april, the 138th Miyako Odori kicked off as a beautiful display of the traditional arts of japan. through the entire month of april, this annual dance runs 60 minutes every day, four times a day.
like everyone says, to fully understand something you must know the history of it, right?
the Miyako Odori began in 1872, the idea for the odori (which means dance in japanese, miyako being another word for Kyoto, the ancient capital of japan.) came from the most respected Haruko Inouye, a master dance teacher, and Jiroeman Sugiura, the proprietor of an ever-famous tea house (that is still in existance today, the Ichirki ochaya, or tea house). the governer of kyoto made it official, the dance launched in march 1872.
a total of 204 geisha (maiko and geiko, jikata and tachikata alike) perform the Miyako Odori, which includes the music and dancing. the odori is internationally admired and credited as one of the most beautiful showcases of the traditional arts in japan.
it is one of my sincerest dreams to someday travel to japan and attend a performance of the miyako odori.
the kimono are absolutely stunning. a majority of the maiko; apprentice geisha, wear a blue dancing kimono, the upper body embellished pink, white, red, and orange flowers (cherry blossoms, if i am correct) and white leaf branches, the sleeve and bodice designs are recognized by certain years. the same kimono will sometimes be used different years due to the high cost of the kimono (an entire ensemble can easily cost up to 100,000 united states dollars.). the geiko; full-fledged and experienced geisha, wear different costumes depending on their roll in the dance.
Miyako Odori Pictures, Images and Photos
Miyako Odori Pictures, Images and Photos

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