Thursday, March 4, 2010

trends of my generation.

honestly, i can't help but wonder what is going through the sad minds of kids my age who look in their closets in the morning and rummage around for something to wear.
i completely understand that most adolescents are damn confused about crap, concerned about fitting in, concerned about being "cool", and feel compelled to do whatever everyone else is doing so they're not left out.
i have never, ever thought like this. not once in my life before. and i am really, really happy like this. i always say, i don't dress the way i do, do things i do, and say the things i say because i think it's cool or anything, i do it because it's what i want to do. if it makes me happy then bam, hell yeah.
all i can say is do what makes you feel like you, and not what makes you feel like everyone else. that's what's up. and never let anyone tell you otherwise, that you're not legit, or you're just not "in" or cool. because obviously those people who are telling you so don't know what the hell they're talking about, and just don't get it.
also, i'd like to throw in, y'know that pretty thing called "originality?" well, it doesn't exist. originality just flat out does not exist. surely it does in some people, and those people have changed the world in some way.

chuck palahniuk, a notable author, once said:
"Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known."
this is true. this is saying that we all get inspiration or ideas from other people or things, and those people get their inspiration from other people or things. which is why i believe originality is dead.

anyways, today at my -uniform- school (*shudders*) i surveyed what everyone was wearing. of course.
all i saw was this among the females,

didn't see a single thing different.
all i could think was, "really? you can't get any more creative than this?" i didn't ridicule anyone, i was just kind of dumbfounded that this is seriously what every single person wore.
and then there was me, wore black corduroy pants, ankle boots, a white loose-fitted forever 21 shirt with a black feather design on it, and a white leather jacket. it was a pretty big deal to people. (i also pulled all of my hair back into a ponytail with a slight pompadour, that freaked people out. haha) though i saw it as no big deal of course.
i just keep wondering why kids don't branch out. if you walk around the mall, that is all you would see. lots of ridiculously bright solid colors AND the skinny jeans.
i'm nearly through with skinny jeans. don't get me wrong, i love 'em, but they are so overworn. they're so typical now, you can't go a day without seeing someone in them. i still wear them, but i set guidelines for myself. i don't wear them with ballet flats, or fitted t-shirts. when wearing skinny jeans, i like to contrast the tight fit on bottom with a loose-fitting top, it's very flattering for people who are thin and bony like me and it especially flatters your height. fitted t-shirts plus skinny jeans equals too-much-tightness everywhere. you might as well be naked if you're just gonna wear skin tight clothes. as far as shoes go with skinny jeans, i'll either go with boots, ankle boots, or wedges. typically i just don't like skinny jeans pared with flats or tennis shoes (particularly chuck taylors and fans) because it just looks to...i don't know, stereotypical? i just think there' more creative and interesting ways to wear skinny jeans rather than just throwing some sneakers and a t-shirt on with them.

i guess what i'm trying to say here, is don't be afraid to do something different with what you wear, something you wouldn't normally do. branch out from what everyone else is doing and do something that's your own. it's much more gratifying than you'd think. :)

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