Sunday, March 28, 2010

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spring 2010

betsey johnson spring 2010 rtw

blood is the new black boyfriend t

alexander wang spring 2010 rtw

ruffle tier dress forever 21luella spring 2010 rtw

right now i love contrasting. wearing a subtle t-shirt with a pastel-colored tulle skirt (somewhat ballerina-like) and pairing it with a leather vest or jacket and some fierce ankle boots. adding black to a pallette of softer colors is key to spicing something as simple as a sundress. personally right now i'm inspired by sweet lolita, a japanese street fashion style that includes a lot of frills, pinks, and anything that's childlike and sweet. though i like to mix these similar styles with a dash of punk, like adding a studded bracelet and some leather to contrast that.
i'm also huge on boyfriend tees right now, loose-fitted looks-too-big-for-you t-shirts. again with my contrasting love right now, i wear it them with skinny jeans and wedges, or tuck them into a circle skirt. i'm branching out of my all-i-wear-is black phase and going for some bolder prints and lots of DRESSES this spring! i have plenty of plans to do some dressmaking and screenprinting, and i can't wait to share what i come up with. ♥

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