Monday, February 1, 2010

unfortunate situation? i think not.

well now, it would seem that i'm skipping school today, but that is hardly the case. my mother owns a mini cooper. a red mini, with a checkered rooftop.
the poor thing's doors are completely frozen shut! there is literally no way for us to even access the interior of our vehicle. thusly, we are stuck at home lounging, sleeping in, and enjoying a school-free morning. which is pretty nice, not gonna lie. way better than school.
now now, last night was a fun experience. i visited with an old old friend, a friend of my mother's. shane, his name is. my mother and i ventured out around eight thirty to a pool hall called sharky's, where i did spend a great deal of time back in the day, when i was eight or nine. i actually was an avid player of billiards, and i got okay at it. i had my own pool cue as well, all the people who worked there thought i was awesome, neverendingly playing games against myself and practicing pretty often. but then, i just stopped going to sharky's. last night was the first time i shot pool in six years, at least. it had been all too long. it was an interesting experience.
of course, i was horribly awful at the game. i didn't make one ball, not one. i merely swept the cue ball around the table, it was terrible. my mother, shane, our friend patrick and i played on teams. me with shane, my mother with patrick.
shane and patrick made a bet of 20 dollars to whomever wins. my mom being the ex billiards player she is could easily kick anyone's butt. they made it anyway though. and after shane broke the rack (which was his first turn) he completely cleared the table, leaving every striped ball and the 8 ball on the table. it was AWESOME. though patrick was not particularly pleased. when it came to my turn, of course, my suckage took over and i nothing good came out of my completely amateur shots. hah. shane sunk the 8 ball, and bam, 20 dollars. shane insisted that i get half of whatever winnings we win, considering that well, i am his teammate. they then made it a quadruple or nothing. which means either 80 dollars is laid down, or nothing is, if we won the next game. again, shane completely swept the table clear of solids. 80 dollars! which means 40 for the each of us.
i was paid completely for just sucking at a game of billiards. all this february it was my plan to work my butt off so i could make enough money for flogging molly and les claypool when they come to town. but now, i won't have to work as much, considering my flogging molly ticket is already taken care of. :D

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