Sunday, February 14, 2010


the subject of love frightens me. i have my reasons, plain and simply.
though i feel i should at least acknowledge the fact that today is supposedly valentine's day.
i never understood this holiday. or why it's even a holiday.
one day out of the year shouldn't be the day to show someone you love them.
that should be an everyday thing.
thus i have no idea why valentine's day even exists. i've never liked valentine's day. i usually just pass it on as another day. which is what will be happening today.

also, i would like to point out the significance of the paper heart i'm holding in the photo above.
it was made for me by a fellow named zak. he cut it out of notebook paper and marked alllll over it with sharpie. i've had it for nearly a year now, and it's still in near perfect condition. and i plan on keeping it for the years to come. i love little gestures like that.
i thought he would like to know this.
happy chinese new year, everyone.

ps. i didn't cut my hair off. even though i've been threatening it. it's all pulled up into a massive pony tail in the picture. sydne still has her hair.

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  1. I took me a while to remember me making this heart. xD
    but now I remember.

    yesssss, I feel special.


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