Saturday, February 6, 2010

there's no sense in losing your mind before your time.

pulsing headache, cold body, hot skin, achey limbs, nearly gone voice, tender muscle, dark circles, running nose, chapped lips, hurting throat, ongoing lethargy, lack of hunger, light sensitivity, puzzling dizzyness, dry hands, tousled hair, old t-shirt, neverending blankets, ceiling fan, used tissues, yo la tengo pandora, and a lovely conversation with brenna.
it's only on the days like these that i feel like i should be out doing something, something productive, something inspiring.
unfortunately, it's quite the opposite on the average the-state-of-me-is-normal days.
i hate laying around in bed by myself. i like company when i'm sick. but whenever i'm better, i want everyone gone. XD
firstly, i must apologize for the lack of updates and interestingness and the overcoming dullness this page has harbored recently. there has lately not been much to speak of, not much to share that would spike interest in another's mind.
i've been quite stuck in bed without much strength or desire to get up, thusly the past couple days have not been favorable ones.
however, yesterday i received some news that i was most overjoyed to have heard: my application to the highschool of my choice has hereby been accepted, and i will be of attendance to a nationally ranked highschool that i've been planning to attend since a very young age starting the next school year. good news for me, i had been somewhat worried that i wouldn't be accepted though i never really did doubt myself.
my grandmother and mother took me out for a celebration dinner and to the mall for a bit of a shopping fit to compliment my achievement, though i regret not being of favorable company yesterday night due to this illness that was beginning to develop. however i was bought a few lovely items despite my not-too-well disposition that i am indeed thankful for. i may share my new purchases later, maybe.
now for music, let's see...
song of the day is not the way by cass mccombs.

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