Wednesday, February 17, 2010

please don't kill me.

or throw sticks at me. i've gotten an email and texts and people come up to me and blabber to me concerning my song of the day list, which i have been HORRIBLY slacking on. i've come to the rescue with the updated list. and i am making a promise that i will keep up with it much more consistently than i have been. i'm sorry!
let's see...where did i leave off...
february 3th 2010 -- gifted feat. kanye west, lykke li, and santigold - n.a.s.a.
february 4th 2010 -- lost cause - beck
february 5th 2010 -- emily kane - art brut
february 6th 2010 -- was posted
february 7th 2010 -- wake up - arcade fire
february 8th 2010 -- is this it - the strokes
february 9th 2010 -- converging the quiet - the crystal stilts
february 10th 2010 -- cross the dancefloor (chromeo remix) - treasure fingers
february 11th 2010 -- treasure - the cure (in memory of alexander mcqueen)
february 12th 2010 -- wrecking ball - interpol
february 13th 2010 -- all for the best - thom yorke
february 14th 2010 -- when under ether - pj harvey
february 15th 2010 -- evil- the flaming lips
february 16th 2010 -- idioteque - radiohead
february 17th 2010 -- funk dat 2010 - oh snap

so there you have it. also, i would like to point you into the direction of my twitter, (clicky linky) where i normally post my song of the day daily. sometimes i'm lazy, but i'm putting that to a stop. so if you're interested in checking up on the lovely song of the day, go for it.
(((links tomorrow.)))

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