Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OPI alice in wonderland nail lacquer

as a surprise present, my mom purchased me the mini OPI alice in wonderland inspired nail lacquers, and my oh my are they darling. they're really really pretty, i think my favorite of the bunch is mad as a hatter, a color that very much reminds me of my american apparel high waist disco hot shorts (yeah, i so have those.) and of course crazy insane disco balls. it's glittery, very glittery. unfortunately pictures of the two glitters included in the set do the colors no justice, and are much better seen in person. though i did take pictures of the swatches i painted on my nails before picking which one i wanted then and there.

i boosted the contrast and lowered the exposure so the colors could be seen a bit better than they originally appeared. however, the color on my ring finger looks pretty similar to the color on my thumb, but really they are rather different. i'll include some actual photos, i just need to find some...

aha. here we are.
absolutely alice

mad as a hatter

thanks so muchness

off with her red

the colors are so cute. :D i love them. i can't wait for the movie! ahhhh! :D

also, tomorrow i will be seeing that one guy at the cain's ballroom. at first i had no idea who that was, but after a bit of research i figured out that that one guy is a one-man band, who actually is pretty awesome. i listened to his music, and i totally dig. looking forward to that tomorrow night!
as of now, my concert calender looks like this:
february 3rd - that one guy
march 15th - flogging molly
april 7th - assemblage 23 (possibly)
april 22nd - the dead weather
april 23rd - les claypool

so far 2010 is turning out to be an awesome year for shows! i've already seen the flaming lips and yo la tengo, i cannot waaaaiiittt to see flogging molly and the dead weather and les claypool. i'm REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to them. :D
oh yes, song of the day. it is salty dog by flogging molly. wooooooottt. ska ska ska. i <3 ska.

actually, according to me mum, she took me to a flogging molly show when i was 2. apparently they thought i was really cute, and they gave me a t-shirt! XD
i have such a diverse taste in music. it's all so different. i mean, i embrace nearly every genre of music there is. though there is only one country artist i would ever listen to, and that is johnny cash. i will forever love johnny cash.

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