Sunday, February 21, 2010

humanoid city tour 2010

haha. well. y'know, i kind of like tokio hotel, a little bit.
and their european tour (aptly named "humanoid city") kicks off tomorrow. now of course i wouldn't be mentioning this unless there wasn't something freakingAWESOMEOHMAGAAAHH behind it.
y'know, italian label dsquared2? bill kaulitz, frontman of tokio hotel modeled for the designers of dsquared2, dean and dan,for milan fashion week (which i covered.). apparently, the twins of tokio hotel and the twins of dsquared2 are big fans of dsquared2. dean and dan themselves designed ALL of their looks for their new tour.
isn't that awesome?! i cannot WAAIT to see what they came up with. of course i will be covering the kaulitz twins' looks every so often. here are a couple of sketches for the two:

i'm sure it's gonna rock hardcore.

a couple of days ago tokio hotel made an appearance on an italian awards show and of course bill and tom kaulitz were adorned in their dsquared2 wear.


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