Tuesday, February 9, 2010


You're makeup is so so pretty...Tutorial: on your makeup???

:) thanks! it's really quite simple.
first, i start off with concealing and applying foundation. i use bare minerals, and i love it. i highly recommend it, as it not only serves as a fantastic foundation, but it is also very good for your skin.
as far as eyes go, i usually start off with a somewhat sparkly and shimmery eyeshadow, something usually lighter colored or silver. i apply it all over my lid, and slightly branch it out towards my brow bone. the silver shimmery eyeshadow makes your eyes look both bigger and more fresh. i like sephora's eyeshadows, because you can control how pigmented the application of it is.
next, i always always always line my upper eyelid with liquid eyeliner. i prefer liquidlast by MAC, because their liquid liner never smudges, even when exposed to a crazy amount of humidity. it doesn't budge throughout the day. i apply it from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner, i normally don't fan it out because it has a tenancy to look a little too harsh if i fan it too much.
i then line my bottom lid with a silver shimmery eyeliner. it also makes your eyes look brighter, bigger, and somewhat dewy.
i have to curl my lashes because mine stick straight out and have no natural curl to them whatsoever, so i take care of that before applying mascara on both bottom and upper lashes. i use givenchy's mascara in phenomenon black. it is WELL worth the hefty price tag, it's definitely the best mascara i have ever used. it also lasts you a while, so frequent buying isn't necessary. one dip into the tube is enough for both eyes.
eyes = done.
as for lips, i favor MAC glosses and lipsticks, simply because the color is great and it lasts for a good time, so constant reapplying isn't necessary. i usually finish off with the color capricious by mac, or pinkarat lustre glass, also by MAC.
that's the jist of it. :)

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