Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hello hello.
many of you probably know i am an avid art person. i like to draawwl.
so i thought i would share a few things.
i honestly don't believe they're all that brilliant, at all, whatsoever. XD

i like dead trees. XD
also, i'm currently taking silk screening classes that revolves around fashion. yaaay. so of course i'll be posting stuff. and so with that i would like to share my screen print design.

dead trees, yes, i know. don't make fun of me. i like dead trees. get over it. the trees, the heart, the bow, and my signature are all done by hand. the crying minotaur is an image from the internet by stanely donwood, who created the little beast for radiohead artwork purposes, thus the crying minotaur is widely recognized with radiohead. whee.
here are the two original sketches that were scanned and remastered:

yep yep, i'm excited. as far as i know the screen will be created next week, and then the week after i think i'll finally be able to print with it. so excited! :D

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