Thursday, January 28, 2010

yo la tengo // meeting wayne coyne...again.

last night was the much anticipated yo la tengo show at the cain's ballroom.
it was an amazing, amazing, amaaazing show.
i had a very close-up spot right behind the barricade, about 3 yards away from the three of them.
i was completely captivated by ira kaplan's wicked guitar distortion skills. he would twist his guitar out of tune, pound on the whammy bar, cunningly use his collection of pedals, and would make the noisiest, craziest sounds i didn't even know could be achieved. what really, really fascinated me though was the fact that ira kept his eyes closed through every song, no matter what he was doing, his eyes were closed. when he sang, his eyes were closed. when he just played, his eyes were closed. he didn't open them once except for in between songs and while he switched guitars and talked to the lot of us fans cheering at the gloriousness of their sound. it made me think, dude feels the music. word.
i especially loved the bassist jame's mcnew's overall attitude. he was, in fact, coolbassistdude, who watched ira kaplan shred while grooving with his bass. he looked very unenthusiastic, just as bassists do. it wasn't an 'i'm bored' kind of un-enthusiasm, just an 'i'm cooler than you' kind of un-enthusiasm. he was a big man, with a slightly high-pitched voice.
drummer georgia hubley did what she does best and totally rocked the drums. she was so cool, she sang, and did her duty on the drums, and sometimes, she did them both at the same time. she had a very worn-down almost kind of old look to her, but her voice was so sweet. she sounds exactly like she does on the album.
for their first encore song, they played damage. which is one of my top favorite songs by them. i was pretty saddened that they didn't play sugarcube or deeper into movies or autumn sweater though. :( but oh well, i mean, i did hear new songs from their new album.
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i even have a couple of videos to share with you.
((upload more later. internet is running very slow due to the storm.))

oh yeah, and here's what i wore.
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shirt - forever 21
shorts - american eagle?
black opaque tights - urban outfitters (best investment i ever made.)
boots - vintage 14 eyelit doc martins
(my mommy loves me sooo much that she lets me borrow her badass shoes. thank the gods we wear the same shoe size [size five, we have baby feet XD] thank you mommy!)

pardon my blatant fug.
ahem. now.
just when i thought the show couldn't get any better.
between songs, i took a glance behind me. just to see if the crowd had accumulated any more then when i first got up near the stage. i thought i saw someone i had seen before, someone familiar. i took a double take to be sure.
but then i realized.

wayne micheal coyne, the genius behind the flaming lips, was standing directly behind me.
i think my heart skipped a beat in that moment that i knew for sure that it was wayne.
without even thinking, i looked up at this rather tall, grey and dark brown curly haired scruffy man in a wool sweater and said, "why hello, wayne coyne."
he looked down and saw me smiling rather jubilantly, smiled back, and said hello back in a very friendly manner.
"i love you. may i give you a hug?" i asked. my stomach was like swwoooooooonnnnn.
"certainly so!" he obliged, and wayne and i hugged.
he asked my my name, and i told him aptly that it was sydne. we shook hands. i then went on to tell him that i attended his new years show and explained that it was my fifth lips show and by far my favorite, and he put his hands together and bowed and thanked me.
i told him that i had met him before, when i was in first grade (i think i he told me he couldn't quite remember (i don't blame him, it was seven years ago, he's been to many many other countries since then), but he thought it was awesome that i was going to lips shows at such a young age. that's when my mother who was standing next to me the whole time greeted mr. coyne, and explained that she went into labor with me at their 1995 september 9th concert at mohawk park for their clouds taste metallic tour. he really, really, really, really thought that was awesome, and exclaimed, "we're connected!" and gave me another hug.
okay. wayne insisted that we're connected. holy cheese, happy sydne. extremely happy sydne.
he then asked me how old i am now, and i told him. he then claimed me as one of the coolest people ever.

yes, i am.

unfortunately i wasn't able to nab a picture with wayne because he had to jet before he was mobbed with all the other lips fans that were sure to be there (i mean, the likelihood of the majority of the people at the yo la tengo concert being flaming lips fans is rather high.). but it's okay. cause like, i had one of the best nights ever.

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