Thursday, January 14, 2010

what is this "song of the day" business?

it's pretty much self-explanatory.
i am a huuuuge music geek. big. i've been going to concerts since i was a tiny infant. seriously, i think my first actual concert (more like hey-let's-take-our-brand-new-sydne-to-a-concert concert) was when i was two weeks old. can't remember what concert it was right now. my mom actually went into labor with me at the flaming lips concert at mohawk park, september 9, 1995. i was born a day later. yeah, i know. i'm awesome. i do heart me some lips. i mean, even this very blog's name is a reference to them. (transmissions from the satellite heart, realeased 1993. :D awesome album.) i've been to over seventysomething concerts, easy. some big names i've seen: ziggy and stephen marley, artic monkeys, muse, bloc party, arcade fire, the legendary bob dylan, devotchka, john mayor (haha), the flaming lips x5, the birthday massacre, gogol bordello, the faint, kings of leon, citizen cope, britney spears (totally my guilty pleasure.), and soooo many more artists. i'm ever so thankful for attending austin city limits music festival in 2007, that was seriously one of the best experiences in my entire life.
all i wanna see is radiohead, the cure, and the beastie boys. once i've seen them, i've lived a fully complete and happy life.
anyhow. so yeah. i love music. a lot. and i'll share what i listen to. for the hell of it. :)
ever since i believe october twentieth two thousand nine, i have been writing a song down that's stuck in my head (either good or bad songs. XD) or i just love that day. so i have approximately ninetysomething songs since october listed on my "song of the day" list. i just write it down on a raggedy worn-out piece of paper that is taped to the front of my school binder and bam.
at first, i thought of it as just a cool way accumulate some songs to create a playlist. now i'm beginning to realize that it's pretty much turned into a project/experiment-like thing. when i re-read the list every once in a while, i can point out days when i was feeling down, okay, happy, days when i hated everyone, days i was feeling...lovey, i suppose, days i was in the "meh" sort of mind state, and days when i non-stop sing and dance. music has such an effect on you. it can change who you are, how you feel, what you do.
this list, to break it down, is like a chart of a rollercoaster of emotions.
it is indeed what i consider to be the soundtrack to my life.
i have a brief and cute little set of rules for myself with my list. i don't allow repeats of songs (no matter how badly i want to), and i don't have songs by the same artists twice in a row.
that's the just of it. observe for yourself my little project and see for yourself, make your own opinion of it. (note: the actual list started on september first, two thousand nine. but i didn't make it a daily habit until october twentieth. i will start from september first. also, the date listing goes day/month/year.)
1. 1/9/09 automatisch - tokio hotel (hahahahahaaa i know.)
2. 2/9/09 warning sign - coldplay
3. 3/9/09 papercut - zeke duhon (only appropriate, since he sang that particular song to me on that night for a my birthday. XD)
4. 9/9/09 electioneering - radiohead
5. 10/9/09 happy up here - royksopp (my birthday! :D)
6. 11/9/09 pogo - digitalism
7. 22/9/09 circle square triangle - test icicles
8. 12/10/09 thinking about you -radiohead
9. 13/10/09 geisterfahrer - tokio hotel
10. 14/10/09 treat me like your mother - the dead weather
11. 20/10/09 direct hit - art brut (thank you to that one person who introduced me to this band. :) )
12. 21/10/09 down is the new up - radiohead
-----i would like to point out here the beginning of a what-seems-like perhaps depressive fit, observable in the selection of songs for the next few days.-----
13. 22/10/09 secrets - the cure
14. 23/10/09 motion picture soundtrack - radiohead (definitely one of the most melancholic songs i've ever heard in my life. i've heard some melancholy tracks before in my time.)
15. 24/10/09 damage - yo la tengo
16. 25/10/09 kill a man - gram rabbit
17. 26/10/09 jane says - jane's addiction. (this song speaks to my soul.)
18. 27/10/09 can't exist - the flaming lips
19. 28/10/09 joga (ben gibbard and ben barnett cover) - bjork (i heart bjork.)
20. 29/10/09 all i want - the cure
-----here, the string of the melancholic music begins its ending.----
21. 30/10/09 halloween on the barbary coast - the flaming lips (one of my all-time favorite lips songs.)
22. 31/10/09 halloween - siouxsie and the banshees (SIIOOUUXXSSSIIEEE.)
23. 1/11/09 into the night - cyndi lauper (teehee.)
24. 2/11/09 stable song - death cab for cutie (this song live is beautiful. seen it.)
25. 3/11/09 fade into you - mazzy star (grew up to mazzy. <3)
26. 4/11/09 you can have it all - yo la tengo
27. 5/11/09 metal heart - cat power (i have the habit of singing this song allll the time.)
28. 6/11/09 shine on sweet jesus - the flaming lips
29. 7/11/09 immigrant punk - gogol bordello
---i will continue in another post.---

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