Monday, January 25, 2010

this is kind of pointless.

busy busy busy. mainly with trying to completely organize my room so i can rip it up the next day. sigh. i wish i didn't suck at keeping stuff clean. rrrrgh.
anyway, i got pretty naaaiillss.
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they're cute.
my wee brother is rather sick today, not cool. haha, i woke up this morning and was like "UGGHHH. we're going to have a normal school week this week. UUUGGGHHH." the kids in my district have been spoiled with numerous days off/events lately, causing us to not have a regular 5-day-straight school week since early december. then, while walking to my chinese class (which is seriously not even a part of my school building, so it takes like seven minutes to get there from my locker. blehh.), some girl mentioned to me that tulsa is expecting another winter storm this thursday. and i was like waitwhathuhhhhh? well, i just checked the weather for my area, annndddd...
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holy oklahoma weather batman, it's gonna be fah-reezin' outside in a couple of days.
doesn't surprise me. of course there's going to be gross weather after having nice 60something degree days. and so, there's a possibility of no school on thursday and friday.
and that's kinda really really really really awesome. because i hate school.
so yeah, that was pretty much my day.
i also had a conversation with this kid who sits behind me in my math class.
kid behind me: "so, sydne, what's your song of the day today?"
me: "snowden cover of dreams by fleetwood mac."
kid behind me: "...what is that?"
me: "you wouldn't understand."
kid behind me: "uh, sydne, i never understand you."
me: "this is something i hear daily."
kid behind me: "why do you listen to music that no one even knows? you're probably the only person at this school who doesn't listen to the radio."
me: "there's nothing wrong with that."
kid behind me: "you're freakin' weird."
hahahaha. XD

song of the day is---
dreams (stutter fleetwood mac cover) by snowden.

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  1. ha, the kid behind you must not know how cool you are.


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