Monday, January 11, 2010

sorry this post is so lame.

yaawwn. long night of shredding the guitar on rock band. i am an avid player of guitar hero/rock band. i play expert. and i will kick your butt at it. anytime, anywhere. my favorite pass time is going to best buy and playing guitar hero for hours at the "try me" section and melting people's faces and beating the kids who think they're awesome to the ground.
well...i don't think i'm that cool.
anyhow, enjoy the random pictures of stuff i'm putting up that i've found in the past couple days that i hearrrtt.
i'm loving the shorts-with-wedges look lately. it makes me want warmer weather. :( seriously it's been below freezing for the past week and a half. i want springtime weather. not summer, because summer burns me. i want springtime. so i don't have to wear twenty layers of clothing. mehhhh.
i need a blazer. i don't have a blazer. i could rock a blazer.


thigh high stockings/hot shorts. whilst the look may be a tad on the risque side, it's still chic and quite stylish, rather than trashy. i'd say this is a pretty good example of the combination being tastefully pulled off.

need i say.

1/9/09 - blue light - bloc party
1/10/09 - all i need - radiohead
1/11/09 - lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - panic! at the disco. (old panic makes me happy. i haven't listened to their stuff in a long time. i like their old album. i'm going to miss panic. :[ )

sorry my posts have been kind of empty lately. :/ i'm trying to sort some things out outside the internet at the moment, it's much needed. as soon as i can, i'll post more frequently and get something actually interesting up on this. sorry!


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  2. pssh Sydne, I could so kick your butt at guitar hero or rock band.

  3. okay, okay. i'd say our skills are equal. it would be a 50/50 chance of either of us winning. but ferrealz. you couldn't kick my butt. you just wiiissshhh.


tell me about it, stud.