Thursday, January 14, 2010

songs of the days continued

30. 8/11/09 close to me - the cure (i love the cure so so much)
31. 9/11/09 push your head towards the air - the editors
32. 10/11/09 in die nacht - bill and tom kaulitz
33. 11/11/09 the clockwise witness - devotchka (devotchkaaaaaa <3 )
32. 12/11/09 remind me - roykopp (yes, this is that song from the geico commercial. XD)
35. 13/11/09 there there - radiohead (this version is also equally beautiful)
---i have to write about this song. i love this song. absolutely love it. it is one of my most favorite radiohead songs. it is just perfect, in my eyes. just cause you feel it / doesn't mean it's there / there's always a siren singing you to shipwreck. we are accidents / waiting to happen---
36. 14/11/09 get into the groove - madonna (woot woot!)
37. 15/11/09 alien - tokio hotel (wicked riffs)
-----perhaps a little forlorn for the next few days?-----
38. 16/11/09 lovesong - the cure (my most favorite love song in the world)
39. 17/11/09 sparks - coldplay (amazing. enough said.)
40. 18/11/09 hearing damage - thom yorke
41. 19/11/09 strict machine - goldfrapp
42. 20/11/09 master of puppets - metallica (i have my days. XD)
43. 21/11/09 while the rest of us sleep - gram rabbit
44. 22/11/09 sally - gogol bordello
45. 23/11/09 near the end - david gilmour
46. 24/11/09 beautiful - goldfrapp
47. 25/11/09 harder better faster stronger - daft punk (this song and i have a history together. the truth is, we're married.)
48. 26/11/09 talk show host - radiohead (i prefer this song live. it has more energy live.)
49. 27/11/09 romantic rights - death from above 1979
50. 28/11/09 illumination - gogol bordello
---this next week and a half was a good one.---
51. 29/11/09 you are - built to spill (some days, i cannot stop listening to this song.)
52. 30/11/09 in a cave - tokyo police club (i saw these cute boys live. before they got all sorta-popular and crap. i was right infront of the lead singer, i could've reached out and gave him a hug if i want to. the drummer was jammin' so hard that bits of wood were flying from his drumbsticks, one particularly pointy wood shard impaled my arm and made a bleeding boo-boo on my arm. i talked to the bassist for like five minutes. it was awweessoommee. they're so cute.)
53: 1/12/09 crystal - new order (i used to listen to this song when i was a wee lad.)
54: 2/12/09 souviner - morphine (this song is my drug. AHAHA i did not intend that pun. whoo.)
55. 3/12/09 sugarcube - yo la tengo
56. 4/12/09 bukowski - modest mouse (i get addicted to this song too)
57. 5/12/09 sissyneck - beck
58. 6/12/09 suck young blood - radiohead
59. 7/12/09 lily (my one and only) - the smashing pumpkins
60. 8/12/09 1901 - phoenix
61. 9/12/09 circus - britney spears (my brain EXPLODED at her show)
62. 10/12/09 anti-anti - snowden (they make me daaance till i fall over at their shows)
63. 11/12/09 ize of the world - the strokes (ahh, another band i grew up to. i love them so much. i want to marry jullian casablancas.)
64. 12/12/09 harry patch (in memory of) - radiohead (damn micheal jackson for overshadowing the death of such an important and influential man. radiohead perfectly captured harry patch's loss in this orchestration.)
65. 13/12/09 sexy christmas baby mine - morphine (this song's jazz influence stole my soul.)
66. 14/12/09 walk the dinosaur - was not was (i am such a dork. i LOVE this song. i swear to the gods, i get DOWN to this song. seriously. this is my JAAMMM.)
67. 15/12/09 three mc's and one dj - the beastie boys (i have dreams about being the 4th beastie boy. i'm not joking.)
68. 16/12/09 feed me to the wolves - logan lynn (i love this songs lots. the music video makes me LAWL though.)
69. 17/12/09 how to disappear completely - radiohead (this song...words can't describe.)
70. 18/12/09 helter skelter - the beatles (favorite beatles song. on this day i led about 62 kids in a beatles singalong. so cool. :D)
71. 19/12/09 possibility - lykke li
----mark here to note another rather depressive mode.----
72. 20/12/09 the same deep water as you - the cure
73. 21/12/09 this place is a prison - the postal service
74. 22/12/09 untitled - interpol
75. 23/12/09 how it ends - devotchka (this song pretty much describes my view of everything.)
76. 24/12/09 exit music (for a film) - radiohead (this was the only song i listened to on this day. it's the perfect song.)
77. 25/12/09 a lack of color - death cab for cutie (attempting to...look up on christmas day.)
78. 26/12/09 sisters - snowden
79. 27/12/09 dawn of the dead - does it offend you, yeah?'
80. 28/12/09 sealings - the yeah yeah yeahs
81. 29/12/09 there you are - the flaming lips (another song that speaks to my souuulll.)
82. 30/12/09 here i dreamt i was an architect - the decemberists (their concert = a religious experience.)
83. 31/12/09 us and them - pink floyd
84. 1/1/10 the sparrow looks up at the machine - the flaming lips
----edit later.----


  1. so, I don't know most of these songs, but when I saw Master of Puppets I was like, "Yes Sydne, I approve."


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