Sunday, January 17, 2010

makeup makeup makeup

boyyyy do i love makeup. i couldn't survive the day without it.
so i must share something awesome. i bought my first MAC lipstick yesterday, and with my own money too! XD i'm so proud of it. i love the color. i wanted to go for something that was semi-dark, that was pinkish, but not too pink, and brownish, but not too brown. and then i found the perrrfect one.


it's my new baby. and it is my favorite new addition to my humble collection of cosmetics. actually, i'm going to share with you my humble collection. cause i'm kinda proud.
everything is kinda grouped. all the sephora stuff in one place, then MAC, then bare minerals, then smashbox, then miscellaneous brands, then lancome, then love&beauty (by forever 21), then britney spears pallet, then givenchy, then eyelash tools.
hahahaa, i know. big makeup brand names for a fourteen year old child. blessed, yes i am.
i must tell though of the mother-of-all mascaras.
this stuff is sincerely the milk to my cereal. it is the best mascara in the world. no competition. it also, is my baby.
so yeah. that's about it. but wait, my sister demanded that i take a picture of her with my makeup, so here to fulfill her wish to be apart of it: Photobucket
don't let the cuteness fool you. ;)

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