Sunday, January 24, 2010


yesterday was like supremely uneventful. i did, however, manage to spend forty minutes on my eye makeup to replicate edie sedgwick's makeup. (i will be covering edie here shortly.) plenty of silver and white eyeshadow and far to much liquid liner and a set of false lashes later, i had quite accurately achieved edie's look. which was awesome. unfortunately i didn't take much pictures, simply because i was not very...erm...photogenic, yesterday. wait, i'm never really photogenic ever.
dress - vintage 70's jumper-like mod thingy.
tights - somewhere from europe.
belt - somewhere from paris.
heels - predictions
extremely disheveled cardigan/necklace/shoulder-duster earrings - forever 21

i seriously make the worst model ever. i am so awkward. mehhhh.
so i apologize for how...ungraceful and unattractive these particular pictures are.
i also watched the movie factory girl yesterday, which was interesting and a little disturbing in its own way, loosely-but-not-really based on edie sedgwick and andy warhol's relationship in the 60's. i thought the film was really actually quite beautiful, so i dressed very 60's inspired yesterday, minus the belt, because the dress without the belt is a wee bit unflattering on me. weird 70's dress. i wore the black tights, well, because that was edie's signature "thing". as well as leotards, shoulder-duster chandelier earrings, and false eyelashes. i incorporated all but the leotard. i did have a lot of fun with it, that's fer sure.

and now to catch up with the song of the day list because i'm way too friggin lazy:
102. 19/1/09 kids with guns - the gorillaz
103. 20/1/09 brothers on a hotel bed - death cab for cutie
104. 21/1/09 the move - the beastie boys
105. 22/1/09 strange - built to spill
106. 23/1/09 rich girls - the virgins
and today's song, song number 107, is autumn sweater, by the one and only yo la tengo, whom i will be seeing this WEDNESDAY when they come to the cain's ballroom!!! :D
when i heard the knock on the door / i couldn't catch my breath / it is too late to call this off
we could slip away, wouldn't that be better / me with nothing to say, and you in your autumn sweater
this song is like my happy song. kind of. i love it. it's so simple and awesome.
it definitely brings some nostalgia...
i seriously cannot wait to see them here in a few days. i've been wanting to see them for three years now. <3

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