Friday, January 8, 2010

"i want to be rich. so i can have a closet full of rodarte."

i said that.
just like two minutes ago.
and it's soooo true.
i just love rodarte's everything. those girls have some serious talent, everything they do is so inspiring. these next few photos are from rodarte's fall 2008 ready to wear collection, inspired by japanese horror films and kabuki. which is flippin' SWEET.

hot damn, look at these shoooeeesss! i know i say i "need" a pair of shoes or something a lot, but i mean it when i say I NEED RODARTE SPIKEY HEELS AND CRAZY STRAIGHT-JACKETISH THIGH HIGH BOOTS.

if only, if only. now i must go back to sorting out my too-tiny-no-more-space closet. toodles.
post scripty goodness: i've been slacking of songs of the day. pardon.
sunday 1/3/10 - creator by santogold
monday 1/4/09 - third planet by modest mouse
tuesday 1/5/09 - loser by beck
wednesday 1/6/09 - method acting by bright eyes
thursday 1/7/09 - sleepyhouse by blind melon
friday 1/8/09 - walking on a dream (treasure fingers remix) by empire of the sun.

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