Saturday, January 2, 2010

i used to believe perfection didn't exist.

for christmas, i received my dream fabric.
it is handmade, all the way from india. my step grandfather graciously gave me this beautiful fabric he purchased. i seriously have never seen a more perfect piece of material in my life. ever.
photos do it no justice. it just doesn't exactly catch the supreme amazingness that this piece of material bears. the thread of the fabric is blue and red, masterfully intertwined to create a beautiful triple-tone effect all by the lighting. one second it's blue, the next it's violet, and then it's a dark magenta. the general tone of the fabric is purple, but as it's moved, the tone changes. it's approximately 3.5 yards.
absolutely. perfect.
this lovely thing has been laying around crying for my attendance since christmas day. this must happen no longer. so today i decided i would finally make it into something. something spectacular, of course. i was inspired just by looking at the fabric, and i just knew it had to be a dress. i did some sketching (see to the right) and did a rough pattern sketch. which was pretty comical.
instead of cutting straight into the fabric and just running with it, i'm using white cotton that is has the same dimensions of the pretty fabric. i seriously had five yards of white cotton just laying around. it's gross. so i'll be making the same thing out of the white gross stuff first.
i'm going for a pretty full gathered high-waist skirt and a v-necked torso piece that is sleeveless with a ruffled/voluminous collar.
as far as sketching and stuff goes, i really suck at drawing people. i don't give a lot of mind to sketching, nor do i even really like sketching out my stuff, simply because i already know exactly how i want it to turn out and i've got it all in my head. when i do sketch, it's usually just to have a sketch.
when i was like 8 or 9, my dad gave me the coolest art box EVER. it's pretty old. since my dad was/is-still-kinda an artist, it was loaded with a bunch of awesome stuff that i use all the time when i draw, sketch, whatever. i love it sooo much.
it is used every single time i do anything art-related.
anyways, i might as well get started. i don't have much else to do at all on this lame saturday/second day of the new decade. i'll update on it later.
song of the day is little bit by lykke li.

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