Sunday, January 17, 2010

hello hello hellooo.
pleasant day, today. i viewed heath ledger's last film, the imaginarium of doctor parnassus. unfortunately the huge screen made me REALLY dizzy at one point (i am in desperate need of glasses.) and i got an awful headache and felt nauseous. i had to leave the theater a bit so i could just walk around for a bit and regain my sight. seeing johnny depp being revealed as heath's replacement actor (there were a total of three actors (besides heath) that portrayed heath's character, johnny depp, colin firth, and jude law.) made me sad. something about it just hit me and made me so aware. heath ledger was one of the most talented actors ever, in my opinion. something about everything he did was different. he was so talented. his notably astounding performance in the dark night was my favorite of his. but this one second, he was there. alive and well, doing what he does best. then the next second, he just wasn't there. heath was gone. it just made me think, god, any breath could be our last.
the film was beautiful, on a lighter note, however. i was very enchanted by the doll-like features of lily cole, the who plays the gorgeous young girl valentina. loooved her costumes in the film. though at one point, she was wearing a really really really pretty furisode, the most formal kimono worn by young women in their early twenties, with embroidered chrysanthemums and a fantastic dye job. but the girl kept DRAGGING IT ON THE MUDDY GROUND and i was like "nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i had to hold my breath as she carelessly dragged the lovely kimono all across the dirty ground...GAH. i can't even talk about it.
anyhow. on with the meaningful stuff.
yesterday i indulged on a voyage to the mall, where i spent all to much money on things that aren't even so necessary. express, one of my favorite brands, was having a craazzzzzy sale. everything in the sale bins were 30% off. i went to town. i bought a great crochet oversized turtleneck sweater that was priced for sixty dollars for fifteen dollars! :D steal!!
pitchurrr time:



pullover, shorts, jewelry - forever 21
sweater - express
stockings - charlotte russe
shoes - nine west

i am seriously in love with that sweater. it's so big and comfy. yep yep. song of the day time!
99. 16/1/09 after hours - the velvet underground (cutest song ever.)
and today, song number 100! i seriously didn't think that i'd be so consistent with this list. i figured i would get lazy after a few weeks. but today, is song number 100. :D so glad.
100. one hundred years - the cure
that song is SICK. i love it. best song from that album. :)

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