Monday, January 18, 2010

hands down, i'm too proud for love

mayyynnee, it's so pretty outside today.
it's springtime weather!
we've gone from having massive piles of ice on the ground to this pretty sixty degree day. i drove down brookside today and saw everyone outside walking around and just hanging out. i thought that was awesome. but sigh, here i am sitting on my bed in front of my open window-- indoors. i may go outside and play with my little brother.
so i went to henryetta this morning (at NINE FORTY FIVE. :'(( ), where most of my family lives, and visited my great grandmother, who is a ninja, and i also saw a couple of my cousins, abby and ashlyn. the cutest little girls ever. they follow me around everywhere. it's so cute.
...wait, come to think it, i think everyone in my family is a ninja.
including myself.
onesie - heritage 1981
high waist shorts - forever 21
heels - predictions
that's the jist of it. i went pretty simple today.
i've been listening to a lot of lykke li today. it's just a lykke li day. i love her soooo much, she's so cute! and her voice is also adorable and elegant at the same time. so it's only appropriate that song number 101. should beee....

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