Friday, January 1, 2010

the flaming lips new year freakout '09-'10.

i celebrated the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century with the flaming lips and a massive group of sweaty drunk people. there's no other way to do it, man.
last night's show was my fifth flaming lips show. i now pretty much consider myself a veteran. i attended the '07-'08 bash, and that one was pretty amazing. i loved it. this time was different. i didn't just love this year's show, i fell in love with it.
hearing three of their new songs from embryonic live was the bomb diggity. convinced of the hex, the sparrow looks up at the machine, and sagittarius service announcement were those three songs. i sung (screamed) along to every one of their songs, and laughed at how i pretty much knew every single word to every song they played.
as midnight approached, the frontman wayne coyne led the entire crowd in a sing-along of the song do you realize?? (which happens to be the oklahoma state rock song. word.) and shortly after, the two-thousand giant balloons were released into the crowd, thus the minute countdown began for 2010. twelve struck, couples kissed, people screamed, riots happened. it was awe-inspiring, seeing a whole lotta people jumping around covered in yellow, orange, and white confetti, partying the very flesh off their face and bouncing around huge colorful balloons.
that's a lips show for ya.
finally after about 10 minutes of just basking in the amazing glory of all these people hardcore partying, lights when out. the flaming lips were now beginning to set up for another segment of the show: the dark side of the moon. performing with stardeath and white dwarfs, the lips covered the famous pink floyd album. starting off with eclipse, the bass and sound was like INYERFACEEXPLOSION. i could only think of one word as they played, genius. steven drozd sung the instrumental song great gig in the sky, noted for the astounding vocal solo, through a distortion megaphone. in which i thought that was just raw brilliance.

pictures by yours truly.
see more photos on my flickr page.
post script: song of the day is (appropriately) the sparrow looks up at the machine
by the flaming lips.


  1. I declare this as the coolest blog ever. That concert sounded like the bee's knees.

    Your favorite exboyfriend, Zak

  2. :D you're the bomb. hahaha


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