Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fabulous people : edie sedgwick

okay, not gonna lie.
edie sedgwick, in all reality, was far from actual fabulousness. like, as far as being a human beingBlockquote goes. edie was way, way not right in the head, and by no way am i praising her anorexia or her crazy drug use.
so, edie (pronounced ee-dy, mind you) wasn't exactly a fabulous person, but she had fabulous style. :)
i'm sure some people reading this are like "whooo is this edie sedgwick person?" i'll sum her up to you. edie was a superstar under the wing of world renown pop artist of the 60's andy warhol. edie was a model, socialite, actress, and heiress, sort of like today's paris hilton, minus the sex tape scandal. she had been named an "it" girl be various media forms. she starred in much of andy warhol's short films, which boosted her to fame. edie was very glamorous, she had a habit of spending much of her family inheritance on makeup and jewelry and the like (pssh, what rich young girl wouldn't do that?!). eventually, edie and andy's friendship ended in numerous arguments and fights, and warhol was blamed for edie's downfall and submersion into drugs. she stopped doing hard drugs 1971, in june. but that same year in november, edie passed away due to drug complications. she was 28 years old.
kids, don't do drugs.
anyhow, i find myself to be completely fascinated by edie. her style, her makeup, her story, it all intrigues me so much. her style was simple.

her closet staples - -
black tights
shoulder-duster earrings
boatnecked anything
leopard furs

something as simple as this has made a defining mark on fashion and style today. she was definitely a style icon, no question about it.

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