Thursday, January 21, 2010

fabulous people: bill kaulitz.

ohh, bill kaulitz. never have i ever seen a human being more perfect. well, aesthetically, that is.
bill kaulitz, 20, is the lead singer of the ever-popular german rock/pop band that is tokio hotel. he is most known for his captivating androgynous look and intricate and glamorous style that has made girls from 10 to whatever-year-old girls swoon. in tokio hotel's early days, he was most noticed for his rather spikey hair, smokey eyes, and his growing collection of jackets. he still is definitely noted for those trademarks. and his gorgeous manicure, of course. (which i have sported once or twice before. hehe.)
also, to clear this now, bill kaulitz does not have a stylist, and claims that he would never hire one. he is also NOT gay, for those who have been quick to judge him.
in several interviews, the singer has stated that he would love to design clothes himself someday, has a tailor to create the clothes he has come up with, and his favorite brand is comme des garcons. much of what he wears is edgy, fitted, and flatters his crazyinsane*cough*sexy*cough*long legs. he really is daring in what he wears, from sporting a kilt when he was eleven or so, to plaid drop crotch pants.
he's modeled for several magazines, and does a damn good job at it too. karl lagerfeld (designer of house of chanel) chose him to be in a photoshoot for german vouge's 30th anniversary issue, and just recently, on the 18th of january, bill opened for DSquared Fashion Event in MILAN. which is a huge deal, because milan is a fashion capital. bill kaulitz is definitely getting noticed in the fashion industry right now, and in my opinion, he totally deserves it. i actually wonder why there isn't more hype than there already is about his amazing and totally bold style.
i could go on and on and on and on and on and on about this kid and how much i totally love him. but i won't.



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wir hören nie auf zu schreien, Wir kehren zum ursprung zurück.
GQ photoshoot, november 2009


GQ Photoshoot, November 2009




DSquared Fashion Show, Milan

he is definitely one of my inspirations, he's just so flawless, so fierce, he really does make a fantastic model. i'll be on the hunt for some kind of video, cause i'm kinda like dying to see his walk.
he seriously makes me want to design menswear. and i really truly do want to design for men and not just for women, that would be so awesome. i love menswear. i really am just blow away by him, all the time. i will definitely be covering more of him. <3

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