Friday, January 15, 2010

even moorree songs of the days

85. 1/2/09 little bit - lykke li
86. 1/3/09 creator - santogold
87. 1/4/09 third planet - modest mouse
88. 1/5/09 loser - beck
89. 1/6/09 method acting - bright eyes
90. 1/7/09 sleepyhouse - blind melon
91. 1/8/09 walking on a dream (treasure fingers remix) - empire of the sun
92. 1/9/09 blue light - bloc party
93. 1/10/09 all i need - radiohead
94. 1/11/09 lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - panic! at the disco
95. 1/12/09 rat is dead - css
96. 1/13/09 maybe someday - the cure
97. 1/14/09 in one ear - cage the elephant (i just recently listened to these guys' album. i really love it! it's really awesome. pretty much indie alternative. they remind me a lot of the artic monkeys. i love them! listen!)

and today, song number 98, is go slowly by the one and only radiohead. i have fallen in love with this song. it's like the perfect song. there's something about it that makes me feel at home. i don't really know why, i mean, it does remind me of a few good things, but overall i can't put my finger on why such a melancholic and sad song would have such the effect on me.
over here / come slowly / come slowly to me / i've been waiting / patient, patiently / i didn't care but now i can see
once the song hits the "other half" with the change to acoustic guitar, my heart sinks to my feet. it never fails to make me smile every time. i love it.

there's a way out / there's a way out

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