Wednesday, January 13, 2010

dry skin suuucks

ahh, winter. it's frigidly cold, four layers of clothing must be worn to avoid frostbite, and there's snow alll around. and it also sucks every bit of moisture and natural oil RIGHT out of your face.
yep, i'm a victim. probably like every other person right now. yer skin gets all flakey and gross and dry, and it does noott go away.
i am DEFINITELY not a skin expert, though i've learned a few things on how to reduce the flakeyness/dryness of your skin and prevent it from happening.
1. after doing the regular cleansing-of-your-face, apply moisturizer while your face is still damp (not dripping wet) to lock in the moisture better.
2. once your face has dried, apply another light layer of moisturizer. avoid obsessively applying moisturizer because it could actually reverse the effect and dry out your skin even more. you don't want that.
3. if you're a makeup wearer, alwaysalwaysalways apply moisturizer before your primer and foundation, especially if you wear mineral-based foundation. foundation accentuates the dryness of your skin and if your face is just a little dry, it will be noticeable.
1 and 2 is even applicable for men. seriously guys, it seems like most dudes just don't think they have to take care of their face like women do but reeeaally, it's just as necessary. ;)
also, people with oily skin should try to pick a moisturizer that is noncomedogenic.
AND, exfoliating your face with a scrub will get rid of the dead skin flakes on your face. it's still important to use moisturizer afterward however.
soooo, i hope i gave a few useful tips on getting rid of the much-dreaded dry face syndrome that latches itself to everyone's face in the winter. hah.
PS: a natural cure that i always stress is WATER. listen to yer mum, she's right. drinking water is like really good for you. it's also a natural skin hydrate-r.

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