Wednesday, January 6, 2010

betsey droolings.

gods above, do i absolutely adore betsey johnson. i think she is the cutest thing ever.
for those of you are wondering who betsey johnson is, i can easily sum her up as the most awesomest person ever.
if you ever happen to ask me who my biggest inspiration is or who my favorite designer is, i would say betsey. plain and simple. because she is like, the best. her designs are noted for their whimsical charm with a girly and fabulous edge, with pretty silhouettes that include my personal favorite: poofy skirts.
she's just a quirky lady. you can tell just by looking at her. i'm lucky enough to have been in her kansas city store not just once but TWICE, and each time i've walked in that tiny store i feel overwhelmed by all the dresses, jewelry, bags, shoes, legwear and lingerie that i can easily label as just beautiful. her designs are the girliest of girlyness (with a LOT of pink. :D) which i find to be just awesome.
when i die, my soul will forever rest in a new york betsey store.
i own a "betseyville" bag, a necklace, and a pair of tights from her. (iwantmoreCOUGH.) unfortunately, i never bought anything from the official store, but hopefully the next time i go i will have at least enough money for a pair of socks. which don't come cheap. XD

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