Monday, January 18, 2010

and dirty to me. (duh nuh nuh nuh duh nuh nuh nuh duh nuh nuh nuhhhh)

oh my god.
boredom. funny thing, about boredom. i've heard it been said before that only boring people get bored. i beg to differ. i'd say i'm a pretty non-boring person, and my ways of entertaining myself are probably rather different then the average person's ways, but hey, what's new.
sooo...i had just played a bit of rock band, and had bon jovi literally STUCK in my brain, and i could not get it ouuuttt. so i stopped playing and went to the bathroom. (i am a very absent-minded person. sometimes i get up and go do something and then i just completely forget what the bluh'y 'ell i was doing in the first place. huh. i also just randomly get up and start walking around without reason.) i spotted gloves, a colour bowl, a brush, and manic panic's vampire red hair dye. bahhhh. so i decided i would dye the tips of my hair, just cause i felt like it. so i did. but then i wasn't patient enough to let it process so i stuck my head under the faucet in the bathtub and rinsed my hair.
blahblahblah. well then i go back and start blow drying my hair (which is something i never do) and i just decide i was gonna make BIG hair. cause i like BIG hair. i stuck a few purology products in my hair, and my hair ended up getting really, really big. '80's hair!' i thought. eiiiggghhttiieesss. bon jooovvviii. so that's when i decided i was going to make myself become an 80's glam rockerr. after successfully running all to much wax through my hair to make it look like i hadn't washed my hair in at least a couple weeks (rockstars don't have time to wash their mane.), i busted out the red lipstick and went nuts. then the red gloss, then the liquid liner, then crizz-azy colours of eyeshadow, and some MAC shimmerglimmer for my cheeks, i made myself look like i was hit in the head with nikki sixx's bass.
whilst i admit i didn't necessarily achieve the slightly androgynous look i was going for (is that contradictory? i am a girl, trying to look like a boy who looks like a girl...?), i did manage to make myself look like a phsycobilly punk girl on acid with some CRAZZZZY eyes. but, y'know, i think i'm okay with that.
i turned on my webcam, aaaaaand...

dear readers, my name is sydne rain. and i am the biggest dork you will everever meet. :)
p.s. this is not the first time i've done this. XD

p.p.s.: my beauty mark is real. XD people ask me all the time if i draw it on every day or if it's fake, but no. it is alll natural. hahaha


tell me about it, stud.