Saturday, December 26, 2009

here we go. ahem.

my name is sydne. i am what you would call a dreamer.
[dreamer n. One that dreams. A visionary. An idealist. A habitually impractical person.]
my existence is found to be a happy situation to some, and a complete catastrophic nightmare to others.
why i chose to write this internet public diary of my passions is my own affair, yet i am pretty much willing to share my reasons for the being of this very "blog" your eyes are feasting (bleeding) upon. these include:
  • share my ways of expressing my (somewhat limited) individuality through the clothes i wear.
  • to give you another unnecessary way of wasting your time.
  • to gather opinions on what i do.
there you have it.
to the right of your screen, there is a list of links. links to websites and stores i happen to visit frequently and enjoy very much. links that might interest you, if you're curious of where i get my stuff, and if you want to develop a sense of the random poo i dig. which i doubt.
so since this is what i would consider to be a fashion blog, we have to kick it off with some clothes, right?
well duh.

shirt, necklace, earrings - forever 21
skirt - gymboree
tights - we love colors
leggings - self-made
ballet flats - nadara
headwear - "happy new year" pink sparkly...tiara thing.
(note the awesome ugly hotel curtains in the background.)
haha, yes i know. first outifit of 2010, dawg. you're supposed to dress obnoxious and be awesome on new years. it's just the rules. especially if you celebrated it at the flaming lips '09-'10 freakout. :D next post will be about that. peace.

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